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Future (3 kinds)将来时(3种形式)

Time 3 - late, on time, early时间(3)   晚、准时、早

May/Must/Might/Could; Indirect Objects情态动词及间接宾语

Measure Words 1: Countable/Non-countable 量词1:可数/不可数

Conjunctions & Transition Words连接词与过渡词

GetGet 的用法

Prepositions 3介词 3

Giving Directions指示方向

Past Progressive过去进行时

Used to/Could曾经/过去能…(过去和现在的对比)

Family- Immediate and Extended Family家庭 — 直系亲属和旁系亲属

Shapes, Describing Objects形状,描述事物


Comparatives (as…as)比较级(as…as)

For/Since, Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)介词For、Since以及序数词

Genres – Movies, Music, Books类型-电影,音乐,书籍

Conditional 0 and 1; Irregular Plurals条件句(0,1);不规则名词复数

Pronunciation 发音

Level 3 Review复习第三级