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Continents and Countries大洲与国家

Articles (a/an, the, no article)冠词

Conjunctions and Adverbial Phrases连词和副词短语

Who, Whom, and Whose谁(主格),谁(宾格),谁的

Distance, Weight, and Temperature距离重量和温度

Polite Forms礼貌用语

Reported Speech 2间接引语2

Gerundive Phrases and Noun Phrases动名词短语和名词短语

Future Tenses (Perfect, Progressive)将来时态(完成时,进行时)

Root Words and Forms; Reflexive Pronouns词根及其形式,反身代词

Practice with Conditionals练习条件句

Advanced Active Voice and Passive Voice主动语态和被动语态(2)

Practice with Verb Tenses练习动词的不同时态

Phrasal Verbs and Idioms动词短语和习惯用语

Advanced Comparatives and Superlatives比较级和最高级(2)

Idioms with Have, Take, and SetHave, Take和Set的常见用法


Level 5 Review复习第5级