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Past Tense 1 – Regular Verbs过去式1 规则动词

Past Tense 2 – Irregular Verbs过去式2 不规则动词

Past Tense 3 –Past Tense Questions过去式3 练习过去式

Weather, Seasons天气,季节


Why? Because...; Too...为什么? 因为…;太…

Future 1 – Going to将来时1  将要…

Practice with Past Tense and Future Tense过去式与将来时的练习

Listen/Hear ; Look/Watch/See ; Speak/Talk/Say听,看,说

Prepositions 1介词1

Prepositions 2介词 2


How Many/How Much多少 (可数名词/不可数名词)

Someone/Anyone/No one某人/任何人/没人

Time 2 – Hours, Minutes, Seconds时间 2    小时,分钟,秒

Lend to/Borrow from借出/借进

At the Hospital;Body Parts在医院;身体部位

Chores ; Should/Have to琐碎事;应该/不得不


Review Level 2复习第二级