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BDMJ美国兄弟公司(以下简称BDMJ)是一家以教育、咨询为主的全球性公司,在美国本土、肯尼亚、苏丹、海地等都有我们的教育事业,2010BDMJ来到中国,由创始人家族中的孪生兄弟Brian RitterDavid 创立了BDMJ中国教育公司。在贯彻BDMJ先进的教学理念,汇集各个国家地区外语教学的专业认识和丰富经验,并立足中国英语教学的现状,以人人都能平等接受英语教育的品牌精神,创建了适合中国人学习的免费英语学习网站,将个性化及以人为本的教学宗旨,与独特的英语培训体系和教学课程相结合,满足各个年龄、各个阶段、各种不同需要的英语学习者。



BDMJ英语学习网站已经受到了中国西南地区BDMJ中国办事处)的广泛关注。目前我们正在与当地的各学校和英语培训学校合作推广该项目随着BDMJ的发展我们的网站不仅中国大众服务还将为全世界非英语国家的所有人开启崭新的英语学习之路我们始终坚信 BDMJ的免费英语学习模式将吸引来自五湖四海的英语学习爱好者。我们因同样的爱好而相遇在这里,那就是——随心所欲说英语!

BDMJ is an educational company with roots in both the US and China. It was created in 2010 by twin brothers, David and Brian Ritter.  Drawing on four continents of ESL teaching experience and a professional understanding of the fundamental processes involved in learning a foreign language, we have created a multi-faceted website guaranteed to serve the needs and abilities of English students everywhere.

Our comprehensive approach includes class material, interactive software, video games, live videos, virtual classrooms, and cartoons. Our ESL users receive these services completely free of charge. At BDMJ, we believe in the importance of sharing education with everyone. So, no matter where you are or who you are, our website provides 24 hours of free access to high quality English training services.

Our extremely qualified team of American teachers, the All-Stars, will be teaching English classes to ESL students throughout China, specifically targeting school districts with limited or no exposure to foreign native-speaking, English teachers. In the coming months the All-Stars will be visiting the regions most adversely affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, as well as other school districts in Sichuan's rural communities. 

The BDMJ English Town website has already attracted a lot of attention in China's Southwestern region, where its China office is located. We are currently working with local school districts and ESL training schools to expand and further develop the project. As BDMJ expands, the goal is to not only serve the great people of China, but to serve non-English speakers everywhere in the world. We are confident that our model of free English will attract users near and far, connected by a common interest in learning to communicate with each other through English.